Kanmani C

Molecular biologist & science communicator

       I am a molecular biologist from Tamil Nadu, one of the southern most states in India. After completing my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Biotechnology from Anna University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, I moved to Hong Kong for pursuing my PhD research. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD research at School of Biological Sciences and the Swire Institute of Marine Science, The University of Hong Kong. My current research is on ocean acidification and invertebrate biomineralisation. I make Tamil science communication videos in my YouTube channel - 'thetamilscientist'. I am passionate about communicating science in Tamil language, to rural audience of Tamil Nadu, who are often left out in the process of science communication due to socio economic background. I aim to debunk myths and pseudo-science by communicating science and scientific consensus especially in the area of my expertise - Biological Sciences.

Watch this three minute video (in English) about my PhD research made exclusively for non science audience!