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Scientific peer reviewed publications:

  1. Chandra Rajan, K., Yuan, M., Yu, Z., Roberts, S. B., & Thiyagarajan, V. Oyster biomineralisation under ocean acidification: from genes to shell. Global Change Biology. 

  2. Rajan, K. C., & Vengatesen, T. (2020). Molecular adaptation of molluscan biomineralisation to high-CO2 oceans–The known and the unknown. Marine Environmental Research, 155, 104883. 

  3. Fitzer, S. C., Bin San Chan, V., Meng, Y., Rajan, K.C., Suzuki, M., Not, C., ... & Fal, L. (2019). Established and Emerging Techniques for Characterising the Formation, Structure and Performance of Calcified Structures under Ocean Acidification. In Oceanography and Marine Biology. Taylor & Francis.

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